Blessed are the curious,
for they shall have adventures
  • { adoration } is coming up this Friday night at 7pm!

    We need some more volunteers…yes, that means you! Some duties would include offering, greeting our guests and much more!

    If you would like to volunteer and be part of this amazing Worship Night, get in contact with me at

    Hope to see you there! #AWN

  • Reading my book and somehow I keep getting distracted…😍 #engaged (at My Desk ☎️)

  • Hello Trinity Church! #receptionist #BrookesGreatAdventure (at My Desk ☎️)

    October 16
  • Having a basically, basic day with the one and only @jessicannlynn #brunch #starbs #leggings #90sForever (at Katniss Everjeep)

    October 10
  • Birthday Brunch Bunch with a lovely photobomb. #20 #BrookesGreatAdventure (at Breadwinners Cafe And Bakery)

    October 10
  • Burgers and Babes. What else could you ask for a lunch date? #WhosThatGirl #ItsJess (at Chapps Cafe)

    October 9 – 1 Notes
  • So thankful for all of these sweet hearts! I had such a great time celebrating my birthday and exploring! #BrookeTurns20 #BrookesGreatAdventure #BrookeHasGreatFriends #BrookeLovesThirdPerson (at Bishop Arts District)

    October 4
  • Happy Homecoming to Trinity Christian School! 64-0 with the 4th quarter left! #wow

  • This couple makes my heart leap for joy and hearing them sing together made me love them so much more. Love you both!

    P.s. Happy Unbirthday @ethanbyerly

  • @katyperry thank you for one of the best birthday celebrations ever 🎉 #BrookeTurns20 #prismatictour #BrookesGreatAdventure

    October 3
  • Twenty, I think we are going to get along. #BrookeTurns20 #BrookesGreatAdventure

    October 2
  • Notes of a Teenage Girl No More


    My 20th Birthday is happening on October 2nd. Today.

    I will no longer be able to call this “Notes of a Teenage Girl” because I will not be a teenager anymore.  Just like I am growing up, my blog is growing up with me. Tumblr has turned from a place where I posted my thoughts here and there to an online scrapbook of my life. It contains my experiences, what has hurt me, what has made me laugh, it shows how I have changed and grown over the past four, almost five years. 

    I am very excited to share this up and coming year because it is my year of Adulthood. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know I won’t FULLY be an adult but I am doing some very “adult” things. For example, I am getting married and starting a life with someone, we may possibly be renting a place to live, I am going back to school to finish my degree, plus some other doors that have not been revealed yet :)

    20 is a scary age but it is an exciting age for me. It represents a world of unknowns that I get to conquer! 20 holds opportunities that I have yet to see! Already God is teaching me how to be vulnerable. I hate showing emotions in public but sometimes that is the only way to express how you feel. I always try to fight back the emotions but I have to be open and transparent because that is what God is doing in that moment. The true emotion of a heart is a powerful thing and all people want is someone who will be real and genuine with them. Feeling such strong emotions, God-sized emotions, make it impossible to hide and forces me to be that.

    So, stay tuned as I continue to capture and share this year of my life. This is going to be a year to remember.

    October 2
  • It has officially begun! #BrookeTurns20 #BrookesGreatAdventure

    October 2
  • #wcw goes to the other 2/3 of the PowerPuff Girls. So glad I get to work with you guys! I am always laughing my way through the continuous line of brides and piles of dresses. #lulusbridal

    October 1
  • Two hearts. One love. Two days. Together.
    #mcm #Holland #fiancélove #LongDistanceRoundTwo

    September 29